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12% OFF Code "PrimeD12" for Any Product During July


I. General After-Sales Questions

How do I contact customer service?

A: If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at or visit our contact us page.

What if I have questions about installation?

We have instructions and installation videos for reference. We highly recommend professional plumbers to install our products. If your problem still cannot be solved, please feel free to contact us.

If you find that there are missing accessories after receiving the goods

If you find that there are missing accessories after receiving the goods, please don't worry, take photos of the products and send order number, product model and pictures or video to us at Once we have verified the correctness of the information, we will proceed to reissue the missing parts.

If you find that the product is damaged after receiving the goods

If you find that the product is damaged after receiving the goods, please don't worry, take photos or videos of the products and send the order number, product model and pictures or video to us at Once we verify the correctness of the information, we will give you a satisfactory solution as soon as possible.

How can I get high water pressure?

Our shower system has been certified by the California Energy Commission. We meet California's energy-saving requirements for water flow rates below 1.8GPM and we encourage everyone to comply with energy conservation requirements. But if you still need higher water pressure, you can remove the filter in the swivel ball of rain shower head to increase the water pressure.

What should I do if the thread of the shower arm or the handheld seat is too short to install, or if the valve box is embedded too deep to install the control handle?

We have recommended the embedded depth of these parts for you in the installation part of this user manual. If you have completed the installation and cannot remove the wall, please contact us and we will customize the thread length and extension valve kit for you to solve this problem(not for free).

II. Pre-embedded Body Problems - PDF File

Customer pre-buried body deep will lead to several problems:

  1. The product cannot be used normally, the water distribution wheel and handle position cannot be normally connected to the valve body and water distributor.
  2. Some customers have problems using the product. The amount of water is small, because of the handle problem. If the valve body is buried deep, the handle switch position will touch the panel, so the product cannot be opened fully, which will also lead to a small amount of water!

Customer pre-buried product body shallow

There are two common solutions:

  1. Product reprocessing, disassemble the main body, re-embedded.
  2. Customized panels, pre-buried shallow distance in 1cm or so can be pre-buried with this panel or customized. The charge is 30 dollars.

What if the product is pre-buried deep?

There are two common solutions:

  1. Need to customize extended accessories or re-pre-buried.
  2. Need to provide with the total length of the part.

It can customize extende accessories if the pre-buried depth is 0-3cm, our customization is 7-15 days. If the depth more than 3cm, this size can only be re-embedded, each tooth is 10 U.S. dollars. (limited to SBS03F and 19008 two series)

III. Push Button Problems - PDF File

Strange sound of the buttons during the use of the product.

It may be that the button is not completely fitted with the panel, so the button can not be completely pressed down, it maintain half-open and half-close.
Solution: Adjust the prodrution of the buttons on the valve body, the distance between button and the finished tile surface should be at least 0.3cm.

Button Stuck

It may be that the valve panel is not vertical to the wall.
Solution: Make the valve panel vertical to the wall, or make the button on the valve body higher.

IV. Cold and Hot Water Problems - PDF File

The hot and cold water are not uniform or the water is overheated or too cold

The reason for this may be that the pressure difference between the cold water pressure and the hot water pressure is too large, resulting in unstable operation of the valve core. Or the water heater and solar energy cause a large difference in water pressure!


  1. The valve body with regulating valve can adjust the water inlet pressure.
  2. If the water temperature is low, adjust the cold water intake, and if the water temperature is too high, adjust the hot water intake. The built-in check valve body directly adjusts the hot and cold water pressure in the water inlet pipe.
  3. The handwheel logo of constant temperature products should be consistent with the valve core logo. (Otherwise, there will be a problem of out-of-control temperature regulation).

The cold and hot water are not coming out correctly, no matter how you adjust it, it is the same temperature.

  1. Check the water heater switch and hot water temperature setting, if it is too low, please adjust it to the desired hot water temperature.
  2. Check whether the pipeline installation sequence is wrong, and the instructions are for reference.
  3. Check whether the hot and cold water inlet pipes are blocked and try to adjust the water pressure of the hot and cold water to achieve a balance between the hot and cold water supply pressure.
  4. If none of the above methods work, the spool may be damaged and the spool needs to be replaced. Please provide our detailed address and phone number so that we can send you the new spool.
  5. The handwheel of the thermostatic spool and the positioning of the spool should be in one-to-one correspondence.

V. Valve Problems - PDF File

Valve leakage

  1. Please take a photo to check where the leakage occurs—the inlet outlet or the valve core.
  2. Inlet/Outlet leakage: The inlet and outlet are not connected properly, please disassemble the inlet/outlet water pipe, clean the PTFE tape, rape the inlet/outlet again and install back.
  3. Valve core leakage: The valve core might be blocked by the sand in pipe which are not flushed before the installation, please try to remove the valve core and clean it, install again to check if it is fine.
  4. The valve core, brass sheath and press cover are not tighten properly, the valve ring falling off and lead to the valve base leakage, valve core needs to be replaced.
  5. 30~60s water dripping is normal due to the residual water in the pipe.
  6. If you still fail to solve the leakage according to the above actions, please double check the receiving address and phone number, we would arrange to ship the replacement valve core.

Valve waterway problem

  1. Insufficient water pressure in the waterway.
  2. The waterway is blocked-clean the waterway.
  3. The waterway isn’t connected properly.


  1. Purchase a booster pump to enhance the water pressure.
  2. Adjust the regulating valve to enhance the flow rate(New models turn clockwise for larger counterclockwise for smaller; old models turn clockwise for smaller counterclockwise for larger; 19008 and SBS turn clockwise for smaller counterclockwise for larger.
  3. To check if the waterway is blocked or connected properly.

Shower valve problem

If the water pipes are connected correctly but there is still no water out, it might be the problem with the shower valve.

  1. Turn off the hot cold inlet regulating valve to test if water comes out properly.
  2. Turn off and turn on the hot and cold regulating valve, then turn on the handle or the knob diverter to make sure the water is supplied to the hand shower, top shower and body jets through the valve, the hot or cold water comes out properly.

Valve core issue

Common problem about the valve core is the missing of the valve core O ring, which would lead to the water leakage or causing air noise, etc.
Solution: Send replacement accessories.

The valve couldn’t be closed fully, or water still comes out when the valve is closed.

  1. The valve core might be blocked by the sand in pipe which are not flushed before the installation.
  2. Please try to remove the valve core and clean it, install again to check if it is fine.
  3. 30~60s water dripping is normal due to the residual water in the pipe.
  4. Still fail to solve the issue, please provide the order number, receiving address and phone number, we would arrange to ship the replacement valve core.

Ceramic valve core VS brass valve core, which one is better?

Ceramic valve core is with high hardness, high precision, high stability, wile the brass valve core would be prone to rust.

VI. Spray and Shower Water Problems - PDF File

The cold water and hot water pipes feed water normally, but the top spray or handheld cannot dispense water normally.

  1. The product in the installation process to confirm the installation of normal piping, unscrew the top spray or handheld, to see if there is water.
  2. If the normal water is the top spray and handheld filter clogging, cleaning can be.
  3. If there is no water, there may be raw material with clogged spool and distributor problem, need to disassemble and clean or replace the spool and distributor.

After using the product for a period of time, the amount of water becomes small.

In the process of long-term use of the product, encountering bad water quality areas, the product spool and pipeline will produce a lot of scale and fine sand blocking the built-in check valve and valve body and product inlet, resulting in a reduction in the amount of water!

  1. You need to disassemble the product inlet filter to clean, if not resolved!
  2. After cleaning, if it is not resolved, then you need to disassemble the valve body spool, clean the spool, remove the gutter.

Strange noise in pipes after stopping use?

  1. It is recommended to add a check valve.
  2. Install water hammer in the water inlet pipe, recommended to buy on Amazon $20/pc.

Common problems of shower seat

  1. Shower pipe fittings are fitted backwards, re-adjust the direction;
  2. Shower seat screws are loose, resulting in the inability to support the shower seat, our company reissued accessories.

Product accessories are missing, or the color of the accessories is not consistent.

Contact us by email and provide the product picture and order number. We will create an order for the replacement of accessories.

Do the products have CUPC and certification ASSE1016?

Our product with CUPC certification standard is: ASME A112.18.1-2018/CSA B125.1-18.
This is ASSE 1016-2017/ ASME A112.1016-2017/ CSA B125.16-17 serious standards.
Currently thermostatic series of products, the California region needs to be ASSE1016 certification, our products are currently in line with the certification requirements, the test items with the CUPC certification principle is the same, the UCPC certification contains all the faucet certification, ASSE1016 is just a single thermostatic certification, and its results are consistent!

VII. Cup washer leakage problem - PDF File

There may be leakage of water in the following cases:

  1. The cup washer is not suitable for the problem, the flywheel products are assembled incorrectly.
  2. If the cup washer cannot be closed automatically and leaks, it may be the aging of the rubber ring or the spindle rubber ring stuck sand.

Solution: Need to re-issue a replacement to the customer.


If you have any other problems, please feel free to contact us at