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12% OFF Code "PrimeD12" for Any Product During July
What to Consider When Choosing the Best Rain Shower Head?

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Rain Shower Head?

A best rain shower head brings you to a place full of freedom and relaxation, and you may feel like doing a spa at home. We have many things to be taken into our consideration to buy a rain shower, like installation, size, material, color, function and so on. The followings are a couple of significant variables to consider while choosing a rain shower head.

Where to install the rain shower head? Wall-mounted rain shower heads are installed on the wall in the shower. Ceiling-mounted rain shower heads connect to water piping in the ceiling. Starbath shower system can offer these two kinds of shower installation, and it is a 3-Functions body jet shower system while you can switch effortlessly from rain shower head to body jets or hand spray.

Which color will you choose? When choosing a rain shower head, perdurability is the point. Brushed nickel is a grayish color with no shine. It’s becoming more and more people’s choice in the market, possibly because it goes with every style. Chrome is the most popular finish choice. It’s shining like a mirror, and is usually cheaper than the others. That’s why it has become a timeless choice. Matte Black is a cold and modern color. It’s a special color that won’t be used too much in past times, but welcomed by young people who likes minimalism.

Shower head size. The bigger a rain shower head is, the bigger the area that flows down. Starbath rain shower heads have two sizes 10/12 Inch for you to choose, while typical sizes for rain shower heads are between 8 and 10 inches wide. This will give you a more comfortable experience since more water coverage you can get in the shower. If you want a handheld shower, you can easily switch too.

Choosing the best rain shower head for your bathroom will surely make life easier. There are so many models available in the market, but not all one like Starbath.

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