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12% OFF Code "PrimeD12" for Any Product During July
How to design bathroom decoration - waterproof and mildew proof!

How to design bathroom decoration - waterproof and mildew proof!

Microcement is a new generation of surface decoration materials that has rapidly emerged in Europe in recent years. The main components are cement, water-based resin, modified polymer, quartz, etc. It has the advantages of high strength, ultra-thin, seamless construction, and strong waterproofness.

The walls of below bathroom are made of micro-cement, and the floor is terrazzo of the same color, which is pure and elegant.

If the bathroom has large windows and good ventilation, a gypsum board ceiling is more beautiful than the aluminum gusset ceiling.

Use the built-in bathtub to reduce the dead corners of hygiene, facilitate the continuous paving of floor tiles, and keep the overall style of the bathroom consistent. The storage area at the bathtub is also used as storage in addition to the small wall by the window and handheld shower head.

Microcement for walls advantages

Micro-cement wall application does not require building construction

Without a doubt, the greatest added value of using microcement on the walls is getting rid of the most confusing part of traditional renovations: the inevitable gravel that comes with construction work, which forces the house to be renovated to be unavailable during construction.

Microcement walls: resistance and durability

Microcement walls are highly resistant to knocks, scratches and chemical products. Excellent chemical and mechanical resistance proves that microcement is more than just a decorative coating.

The advantage of impermeability

Micro-cement walls are impermeable to water, which is why they are so popular in spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. In bathrooms, micro-cement shower panels are one of the most popular renovation options.What's more,fully enjoy your shower time, must with the right shower system.

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