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12% OFF Code "PrimeD12" for Any Product During July
A perfect bathing experience is inseparable from a good shower set

A perfect bathing experience is inseparable from a good shower set

After a busy day, taking a nice bath can not only wash away your fatigue, but also improve the quality of sleep. But when you take a bath, you will always encounter various problems such as the water is too urgent, too fast, and the water is too slow. Therefore, a perfect bathing experience is inseparable from a good shower set.

The rain shower, massage shower, soft shower, single plant shower, spray shower are the common shower outlet methods.

Rain Shower

The rain shower is a relatively common way to discharge water from the shower. It discharges water through multiple outlet holes to achieve the effect of large-area water discharge. Its advantage is that it can realize water discharge from different angles, thus creating a rain-like effect.

Massage Shower

The massage type shower head gathers the water flow in the shower wheel cavity, and then sprays the water flow according to the preset time interval, so as to obtain a water flow similar to a massage effect. The advantage of this shower outlet method is to massage each acupoint of the body through the massage-type shower water flow, so as to achieve the effect similar to health massage.

Soft Shower

The soft shower water outlet method is more suitable for shampooing. The shower water outlet method of this method is to mix the water flow in the mixing chamber with the air to obtain a soft water flow in the form of water droplets.

Single Column Shower

The single-injection water outlet means that all the water flow of the shower flows out through the same outlet pipe. The water flow of this shower head is more concentrated, but softer. When you take a shower, you will feel a slight itchy feeling on the skin, which is very good for clearing the mind, and it can also improve the body's immunity and vitality.

Spray Shower

The aperture of this water outlet method is very small, with special channels, the water flow is like drizzle, and the force on the body is very light. Kind of like the effect of a humidifier.

Therefore, different occasions have different ways to discharge water. Different groups of people have different requirements for effluent. At this time, a shower with multiple water outlet methods will be a good choice.

STARBATH 15 functions rain shower system adopts 2022 upgraded water flow technology, multiple spray modes combined with rich water output, Indulge in a luxurious shower. The pearl-like water droplets are dense and delicate, moisturizing every cell of your body.

This Shower faucets sets complete offers 6-FUNCTION RAINFALL SHOWER HEAD and 9-FUNCTION HANDHELD SPRAY. All shower heads of this shower faucet set can be used at the same time. Up to 15 modes can be combined at will, or strong, or soothing, giving you top-down hearty.

The shower handheld has 9 spray modes: power mist, rain, waterfall, eatra-wide rain, rain massage, soft mist, pulsating massage, water saving and power wash. The power spray gun mode is practical. Powerfully clean the hard-to-reach corners of your bathroom in seconds. And shower head has 6 spray settings: gentle rain, waterfall, mist, economy rain, water saving, power rain.There's always one mode for you.
Brushed Nickel, gold, chrome and matte black are available. You can choose any color according to your bathroom style.

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